dear slang lover in the usa:

i’m not sure the dictionary of ukrainian youth slang is still on sale even in ukraine. it has been quoted in lesya stavytska’s dictionaries of zhargon and nezensurna leksyka, which you can buy in kyiv. if you are researching the subject, please reply here with your email address (i will keep it off the site), and i will write back.


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  1. Joseph Kuta on July 15th, 2008 5:58 am

    hello, and thank you for the reply. I am going into undergrad studies of things Ukrainian (what, exactly, will be determined at school), and I am comprehensively studying the language. For myself, learning Ukrainian outside of a community in the USA, the only resources one has are textbooks published in Canada. This, of course, is a particular type of Ukrainian since the majority of that population immigrated pre-WWI. Also, my family speaks a form of the language that is somewhat removed, as they came to the United States as DPs after WWII, and my grandfather is Lemko, so there are many words from that region that do not apply easily to the majority of Ukrainian speakers. I talk to my cousin, who grew up in Brovary, and he wonders where I got some of these words! I was looking for a more realistic setting of Ukrainian, and got very excited about your dictionary. The problem is, is that I couldn’t find any information anywhere! So thank you for replying and let me know what is possible!
    Joe Kuta

  2. katerina on September 18th, 2008 3:24 pm

    Світлано, доброго дня. Я теж з питання сленгу. Хочу видати книжку про лінгвокультурні особливості українського та англійського сленгу (власне, трохи адаптований для масового читача свій дисер). Може підкажете, до кого б звернутись (маю на увазі видавництво). До речі, Вашому співрозмовнику Джозефу можете порадити словник Тетяни Кондратюк. Як на мене, зовсім не гірший за словники пані Ставицької 🙂

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